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Build something better


As easy as 1, 2, 3.

At Paystar, we operate by a few core values that keep us inspired, invested, and fulfilled. We’ve built awesome software and successful partnerships thanks to these basic principles.

Grow with

Growing the fast way doesn't beat growing the right way.


over profits

Taking care of our partnerships is what will take care of us in the long run.


Keep it

Complicated doesn't work for anyone. We win when we make people's lives easier.

We're a software

relationship company

Driven to create real client value through tailored partnerships.

Focused Features

We ensure that the entire payment process is secure and PCI compliant and completely remove that burden for you.

Leading Security

Make bills easily searchable on your site as an added service and improve the payment experience for customers.

Problem Solving

From our many existing integrations with third parties to completely custom work needed- we have you covered.

Proactive Support

Look and feel of payment portal, reporting, unique work flow, data files - We make it all work for you.

Custom Development

Charts and detailed reporting to easily understand and improve the entire collections process.

Efficient Payments

Account access for you and your customers to view transactions, billing, history, and much more.

Want to know more?

Talk with one of our specialist about how we can help you improve collections.

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